OpenOffice is afree open-source software suite that includes Writer, an alternative toMicrosoft Word. While Writer works incredibly well, it saves files inOpenDocument Text (.ODT) format. It shouldn’t be a problem except when you needto open files in Microsoft Word.

If you have Word 2010 or newer, an .ODT file will open automatically when double-clicked. But what about those who are using older versions of Word or don’t have Word installed?

Don’t fret. We’llshow you how to convert .ODT to Word document. Try one of the following methodslisted below.


The first methoduses WordPad to convert .ODT files to .DOC files, Word’s file format. Locatethe .ODT file you’d like to open. Right-click on the file and click Open With.

This will promptWindows to show you all compatible applications. Select WordPad from the list and click OK.

The file willopen as a WordPad document. Go to File> Save As > Office Open XML Document.

Rename your fileif needed then click Save tocontinue. This will create a .DOC version of the original file. You should nowbe able to access the document in MS Word.

Convert Files Online

There are numerous third-party sites that allow users to convert .ODT to .DOC files . These sites usually have the same process. Users upload the file they want to convert, select a format to convert to, then download the output. In some cases, a link is emailed to users telling them where to download the file.

Before convertingfiles online, make sure you’re using a reputable service.

Goto Google Drive

Did you know youcan use Google Drive to convert files? Google Drive is free. All you need is aGoogle account.

Go to Google Drive and Sign In. From the dashboard, go to New > File Upload. Select the file you want to convert and click Open.

Alternatively,you can drag-and-drop the file onto Google Drive.

Once uploaded,double-click the document. Click OpenWith Google Docs.

This processallows users to edit files through Google Docs, a web-based app for editing documents..ODT files that are opened through the app are automatically converted to .DOCformat.

To download thedocument, go to File > Download As > Microsoft Word.

Go to yourdefault Chrome download location (usually the Downloads folder). You’ll findthe .DOC copy of the file there. Open in Word and edit as normal.

Note: The samemethod can be used to save files in PDF format.

Why Can’t I Open My ODT Files?

What happens ifyou can’t open .ODT files using any of the methods above? If that’s the case,there’s a chance that what you have isn’t an .ODT file to begin with. Somefiles have file extensions that appear to be .ODT but actually aren’t.

An .ADT file, forexample, is a file format used with a product called ACT. An .ODM extension caneasily be mistaken for .ODT. This format, however, is used by a company called OverDrivefor saving media files.


You need toconvert .ODT files to Word format to open them in Word. Of all the methodsdiscussed, using WordPad would be the easiest and safest option.

Using GoogleDrive works just as well but you do need to be online for it to work.

Some third-partyOpenOffice to Microsoft Word converters work. But some are not as secure asothers. You would have to do some research to vet which .ODT to Word documentconverters are legit.