With Google behind their very own GooglePhotos app, you have access to a number of powerful photo search tools thatmany people aren’t aware of. Let’s take a look at what tools are available.

From searching text in photos to searching byface and location, Google Photos does an excellent job at gathering informationfrom your photos so that you can find them through search.

Once you know how to use Google Photos’ searchtools, it will be very easy to find any photo saved to the cloud so long as youhave a tiny bit of information about what you’re looking for.

Basic Search Tools in GooglePhotos    

Let’s first look at the main search tools thatGoogle Photos provides. Firstly, if you take a photo from your phone and uploadit, the photo will have its location data tied to it, which means it is veryeasy to search for a location and have photos from that location show up.

You can search for countries, cities, and evenspecific places of business found on Google Maps. If you want to find photosfrom a specific day out, this can be the best way to do it. If you uploadphotos without location tags, you can also edit it to add the locationmanually.

If you start to upload more photos with thesame person, they will appear in a bubble when you tap or click on the searchbar. As you take more photos with more people, you’ll be able to find photosthat they’re in by tapping their face. You can also assign names to faces sothat you can just search for their name and Google Photos will return relevantresults.

You can also search specific photo types. Forexample,type selfie to bring upresults of any photos taken from your front facing camera that include yourface. You can also type screenshot to see any screenshots you’ve taken of yourphone.

Another feature built into Google Photos is the ability to search by time. Simply typing a date will return results of photos on that date. If you know the general time a photo was taken, but not the specific date, you can search by month and even by season. For example, typing “May 2018” will return results of all photos taken during the month of May, 2018.

Google also has date based sorting, whichallows you to scroll through a timeline to find photos. You can quickly seewhat time your photos were uploaded on the left side.  Finally, you can also search by file type. Ifyou regularly upload files via your PC, this can be a useful way to sort bydifferent types of file, for example, .png, .gif, and .jpeg.

If you still can’t find a specific photo afterconsidering location, faces, date, or photo type, you can also use Google’s AIpowered search tools. I’ll explain more about this below.

Advanced AI Based Search Featuresin Google Photos

Google Photos can also gather a lot ofinformation about the photos you save and upload to help with your search.Google Photos is constantly learning more over time, so the functionalityexplained below is only going to get better.

Essentially, Google’s goal is for you to beable to search anything and have relevant photos appear. As an example,searching for a specific food, like pizza, will return photos of pizza.

Google Photos is very smart at distinguishing what details are in a photo. Typing ‘car’ will return results of cars. Typing beach will return photos of beaches. You can even search colors and return results that feature that specific color.

Taking it further, if you have pictures ofscreenshots, signs, or documents, you can even search for specific words withinthe photo and Google Photos will be able to find it. This doesn’t always work.For example, if the text is too distorted or shown at an angle. In most cases,it works perfectly, and it is expected that functionality like this one willbecome more powerful over time.

You can take all of these search features andcombine them for even more specific results. For example, if you visited acountry and want to find something specific, typing the country, followed by anobject, color, or person, can return relevant results.

If you have thousands of photos and need tofind something specific, combining search parameters can be the easiest way tofind a photo.


Now that you know about these search tools,you’ll be able to hunt down any old photos easily. All you need is the smallestpiece of information about a photo and Google Photos will show it in search results.

Sometimes, Google Photos may not pick up onspecific details, so if you’re trying to find a photo, try different methods ofsearch until Google Photos finally finds a matching parameter.

If you have any questions about Google Photosor how to use it to its best potential, feel free to leave a comment and I’llget back to you as soon as I can.