Are you havingtrouble connecting to Facebook or Twitter? Has your internet connection sloweddown to the point that it’s become unusable? Don’t blame yourinternet service provider just yet. The reason for this could be a programconsuming bandwidth in the background. In this post,you’ll learn how to monitor the bandwidth usage of your applications and how toput an end to it. Method1: Task Manager The easiest wayto monitor your network activity would be through Task Manager. This application shows all the programs that arecurrently running in your PC. This feature is available on Windows 7, Windows8, and Windows 10. Open Task Managerby hitting Ctrl + Shift +

We’re all thankful that it’s no longer the days where itseemed like you had to re-install Windows every six months. There are stilltimes, though, where we must go to the last resort. Sometimes, you just have toscrap it all and start all over again. When Should I Re-install Windows? There are several things you can do to fix minor and major Windows problems. The Check Disk (CHKDSK) utility is great for fixing issues with the file system due to bad sectors on hard drives. We can show you how to fix file system errors in Windows with CHKDSK . The System File Checker (SFC) and

At one point, not too far in the past, theworld was full of assistants. People whose job it was to schedule meetings,take calls and generally take care of someone else’s chores so they could focuson their core job. These days the need for human assistants ismuch lower. Personal assistants are a luxury reserved for the elite. You canthank computer technology for this trend, since it’s now pretty easy to manageyour own time and automate many tasks that needed the human touch before. Still, there’s room for improvement and thanksto AI technology everyone can have a virtual personal assistant. With each daythat goes by these software

In the modern world, large files are more common than ever before. In the early days of computing, programmers and developers did what they could to compress file sizes out of absolute necessity. In 2019, when NAS devices are readily available and petabyte drives are just around the corner, file sizes do not have to be small—but huge files do take extra time to transfer from one storage device to another. When you don’t have hours to move a filefrom place to place, the next best option is to choose a method with fasttransfer rates. USB Transfer Rates USB is one of the most common

When you take up an Office 365 subscriptionfrom Microsoft, you get access to a whole suite of programs beyond just appslike Word or Excel. One of the most useful services is OneDrive. A bit likeDropBox or Google Drive, OneDrive provides you with substantial online storage. OneDrive is more than just a big flash drive on the internet though, Microsoft have built some pretty useful features into it. One of the most recent and significant changes is the ability to enable automatic syncing for certain “important” Windows folders. This provides an easy way to make sure that your most important information is always safely copied into

You’ve doneeverything you can to keep your PC build as quiet as possible. So why then isyour computer whirring like crazy? Where is the noise coming from? Should yoube worried? There is a chancethat there’s something wrong with the fan. And if that’s the case, it can causeserious problems down the road. What’sWrong With the Fan? Computer fans arethere to provide cooling. The harder your computer works, the more heat itgenerates. That’s why fans are strategically placed on your computer. They helpregulate the internal temperature so that your PC continues working withoutoverheating. Fans can work foryears without issue. But there comes a time when it

If you’re a file hoarder, file compression is something you absolutely must know about. Although storage technology continues to improve at a rapid rate, efficiency is never a bad thing. Not to mention, many of our file standards today dwarf those of the past—the 128 kbps MP3s we used to download on Napster have now been replaced with FLACs, where a single song can be the size of an entire MP3 album. Many of us have files that we don’t want toget rid of but also don’t need immediate, dynamic access to. These can bephotos, videos, music, and much more. Creating an archive of these

Windows’ Quick Access is a quick and easy wayto gain dynamic access to the files and folders that are most important to youon your Windows machine. It’s such a small feature, but it’s one that Windowsjust wouldn’t be the same without. WIndows isn’t perfect, though. As it’slearning the files and folders that you access the most, there may be a fewthat you don’t want to be displayed in a menu that’s so prominent in WindowsExplorer. If so, there are ways around that. In this article, let’s talk about a few of the ways you can customize your Windows 10 Quick Access menu so that you

“Windows can’t communicate with the device orresource,” says the screen in front of you. Considering that all you weretrying to do was go online, seeing this error message is frustrating. But instead ofgiving in to frustration, you should find a way to fix the problem.Fortunately, getting the answer you need is easy! In this post,let’s go through the different solutions. This way, you’ll know what to do. 1. Change Adapter Settings It’s possiblethat Windows cannot communicate with the device or resource because of yourchosen adapter settings. If so, just do some quick modifications. Launch Control Panel. Go to Network and Internet. Under Network and Sharing

In this article, we take a look at how you candownload Flash games to play offline so that you can still play them after thetakedown of Adobe Flash Player in 2020. We’ll offer a step by step guide tohelp you download and play these games once downloaded. The entire process is very easy and won’t takemore than 10 minutes of your time. You’ll be able to play hundreds, if notthousands of games from your desktop once you’ve followed this guide. Why is Flash Going in 2020? It’s been a long time coming, but Flash willfinally be discontinued in 2020 and most browsers that support it